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Nature Inspired Holiday Wrapping

Nature Inspired Holiday Wrapping

The art of gift giving goes beyond the gift itself.  There's just something special about the anticipation of opening a carefully wrapped package surrounded by your friends and family.  Maybe it's the not-knowing, the few brief moments of fumbling with the ribbon and bows, unearthing what is inside.  Maybe it's the rarity of it, the act of giving something that holds such special meaning that it deserves to be thoughtfully wrapped. 

As mothers, we often are the ones doing the wrapping.  Depending on how crafty you are, this task may be as much fun as finding the broken light bulb on the Christmas tree, or something you create a Pinterest board for each year.  Regardless of how you feel about the act of wrapping, we think those sparkling eyes and wonder-filled smiles make it all worthwhile.  We also believe we should keep it as green as possible, which can be difficult when faced with aisles of plastic ribbons and rolls of adorably printed paper in every store before you can utter the words Happy Halloween.  

So in an effort to be as responsible in our wrapping without losing the magic of it all, here are our top four recommendations for your nature inspired holiday wrapping.

No. 1 - Start with recycled products.

From creating bows with old magazines or scrap paper, to companies producing 100% recycled papers, tags and ribbons, there are many options available for starting with recycled supplies.  This is our favorite 100% recycled paper. You can use it as is, paint it, stamp it, write holiday verses/songs on it, etc. - it is a great blank slate for all of your wrapping needs.

No. 2 - Use what you got! 

Who needs a shiny plastic bow when you can top your gifts with nature's own beauties like evergreen boughs, pinecones, pressed flowers and leaves?!  The gathering of these items can be just as memorable and fun as the gifts themselves!

No. 3 - Top with miniature presents!

What's better than a present?  A present topped with a present.  Replace your typical gift-toppers like ribbon and bows with useful and fun items like cookie cutters, ornaments, miniature toys, handmade crafts (a great way to involve the little ones!), and homemade sweets.  

No. 4 - Recycle your used paper!  

Need a gift bag?  Try to purchase gift bags that you will be able to reuse for the next holiday season.  The same goes for any ribbons and bows you may already have.  Save spools or use clothespins to roll your ribbons back up in storage and stick bows inside a plastic tub or shoebox to preserve for next year.  Think you can haul that mountain of ripped up paper to your recycling bin on Christmas morning?  You'll want to think twice.  Most of today's printed papers contain products like plastics and foils that cannot be recycled.  When in doubt, check the printed label on the outer packaging of your roll for a recycling symbol.


Looking for the perfect present topper?  Check out our sweet wooden ornamentand give back to your community at the same time. With your help, Magnolia Roots plants one acre of wildflowers each month through the Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund. Learn more about this amazing organization here.

We'd love to hear how you keep the holidays earth friendly!  Share your ideas with us in the comments below or on our social media!

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