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Now available for both kids & adults!

NEW stickers just added!

Handmade - choose from a variety of designs.

Learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle through our educational resources.

Our favorite designs for spreading the word about protecting our planet!

Responsibly produced. Ethically sourced.

Our products are manufactured in an anti-sweatshop environment utilizing organic materials when possible and packaged in biodegradable materials.

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We have measured, reduced and offset our entire carbon footprint.

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Ever wondered how to take care of your freshly cut flowers so that they will last as long as possible? We dive into six common problems when it comes to caring for your blooms and how to prevent them.
Since we at Nature Supply Co love both wildflowers and pollinators, we thought we would dive into why these beautiful flowers are so important - and the list extends well beyond the benefits to our pollinator friends. Take a look!
What exactly IS regenerative farming? Let's take a look!
Part 2: We're diving into the negative effects of soil degradation on human health. Click to read more!

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