Dash For Trash - Earth Day Every Day

Dash For Trash - Earth Day Every Day

Our First Annual DASH FOR TRASH event

Our first annual Dash For Trash event was held April 18th-25th, 2021. We were ecstatic to see how many people came together to pick up trash in their communities. If you missed out, don't worry - there is always next year. But remember, Earth Day is every day, so you don't have to wait for next year to pick up trash. Anytime is a good time!

Our virtual event invited hundreds of people from around the world to connect with those around them, be a part of a team and do good for our planet. We encouraged participants to weigh their collected trash and submit their numbers, along with any photos, to our website. We then calculated the amount of trash that people picked up and.....

The results are in and we are blown away! Thank you to all who participated in our 1st Annual Dash For Trash event. 

Together WE collected 1,170 pounds of trash!!

It doesn't matter what you call it - trash, litter, debris, or junk - it is a threat to us, our planet, our waters and our animals. By picking up trash, especially with children, it not only raises awareness to others but also teaches kids from a young age how to take care of our planet.

How Trash Pick Up Helps the Environment:

Litter can travel far and wide from the side of the road, a forest trail, and even from a landfill. Less litter in forested areas, rivers, and oceans benefits both animals and humans. Litter is not only unappealing to look at, but it also poses dangers to animals who may eat it or become trapped in the litter. Litter can affect the environment for many years - we’ve all seen the fish trapped within the six-pack plastic rings, or the turtles eating plastic and becoming sick. Here are a couple of examples of how picking up trash year-round can be beneficial:

1. It costs a lot of money in taxpayer dollars to pick up litter, prevent litter, and reverse the effects of littering. If we all helped and did our part on keeping our communities clean (even if its just your local park), then the cost overall would be reduced and could even be used for environmental projects!

2. By picking up trash, you are saving countless animals and making their homes cleaner and safer. Litter that winds up in the ocean can travel far due to the ocean currents and wind. This not only adversely affects birds and marine animals, but it also washes up onto beaches, which could pose potentially dangerous threats to the unwary person walking along, or to the animals who live around that area.

3. Nothing will ruin your day like seeing a bunch of garbage on the side of the road when driving around or at your favorite park. By picking up trash, you are making the earth a more beautiful place for you and everyone else. 

By properly disposing of your trash you’ll be promoting a safer, cleaner, and more beautiful environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy! 

Looking for more ways to teach kids how to protect the environment? 

Here are a few books that will inspire young readers to care for the environment. Colorful and easy to read, these books will help introduce your child to concepts such as environmental conservation, composting, reducing waste, their carbon footprints and much more.

30 Books to Teach Kids How to Care About Mother Earth







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