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Six Things You Might Not Know About Clover

Six Things You Might Not Know About Clover

Confession.  We are not Irish. We do, however, love Ireland - the food, the music, the passionate history of such a tiny nation... and the idea of using a plant as a teaching tool. So what better way to celebrate this Saint Patrick’s Day than to pay tribute to the clover?  

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Here, we share 6 facts we didn’t know prior to researching this sweet little “weed” and now that we are in the know, we are so glad we did!

1.  The word “shamrock” refers to the three leaf clover, which was used by Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, to teach the Christian Holy Trinity.

2.  A four leaf clover is just a mutation of a three leaf clover plant.  The odds of finding one are one in 10,000, so truly consider yourself lucky if you do!

four leaf clover, clover, lucky, luck, irish, saint patrick's day
Image courtesy of Ali of @littlemountainfarmers

3.  During the Middle Ages, children were taught that if they carried a four leaf clover they would see fairies.  It was also a commonly held belief that the possession of such a lucky little plant would ward off evil spirits.  

4.  A group of clovers is called a cluff.

bee, pollinator, clover, clover honey, white clover, ireland, irish, saint patrick's day

5.  Both the leaves and flowers of the clover plant can be eaten.  The flowers are commonly used in making natural dyes, in teas and to make clover jelly.

6.  Abraham Lincoln was known to carry a four-leaf clover with him for good luck.  On the night of his assassination by John Wilkes Booth he was not carrying it.

Irish, clover, bee, beekeeper, honey, forage, wildflower, green, history, Ireland, Saint Patrick's Day, jelly, facts

Do you have clover in your area?  If so is it an invasive weed or a welcome guest? Hopefully if it’s the former, we’ve helped to encourage a new love for this little plant!

Bonus fact!  Did you know?!  The world record for the most leaflets found on a clover is 56?  Talk about lucky!  Nature is so neat!  Celebrate Mother Nature with us this Spring in our Nature is Neat tee!





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