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Our Favorite Seed Starting Supplies

Our Favorite Seed Starting Supplies

January is almost over and that soil is calling our name!  We are so excited to have resident gardening expert, Jill of Whispering Willow Farm, to give us the scoop on all her favorite resources for seed starting!  We hope you find this guide helpful and can't wait to hear all your gardening stories this year!

Seed recommendations:

Seed trays:

Trays are very important and there are many options you can buy. While we have some recommendations below, it really is a matter of opinion and what each individual likes best. 

Our Favorite:

Biodegradable options:

Plastic alternatives:


Soil is very important so that you can provide your seedlings with all the nutrients they need to be able to jump start their life and become mature plants (they grow up so fast!) 

Just like with seeds, always check locally. This is by far the most cost-effective option. We also talk about a 3-part ratio of homemade soil that you can create on your own!

As you can see, it doesn't take much to jump into starting seedlings - just seeds, trays and soil! We will be talking about a few extra items that are helpful such as garden labels, transplanting tools and a garden journal in the weeks to come - stay tuned.

Happy planting!!

Jill from Whispering Willow Farms

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