Five Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas

February 06, 2018 0 Comments

Five Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas

Just in time for the big Valentine's Day, we bring you our top 5 free (or almost free) date night/day ideas!  You don't need to spend a lot to make the person you love feel special.  Let your love know how meaningful they are to you by spending some extra time and your own creativity to make one of these date night ideas a special occasion for you both.  

No. One - The Picnic

Picnics in and of themselves are romantic by nature.  There are so many ways you can tailor a picnic to your specific needs, so this one is easy to really make your own!  Cold outside?  Pack a hot cocoa or coffee picnic and grab some blankets - you are sure to be cozy in no time!  Not a great cook?  It doesn't take much to make delicious picnic faire!  Wash some grapes, cut up some cheese, toss in a baguette and grab a bottle of your favorite wine and you are all set, without ever using a kitchen appliance!  We recommend making your picnic unplugged. Make a point of putting away your phone and disconnecting from the world while you connect with each other!

No. Two - Learn Something New Together

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?  Every community has wonderful free resources and people who love teaching them if you know where to look!  Check out your local library, community center, or home improvement center to find free classes on just about everything you can imagine!  Whether you are learning how to lay mosaic tiles or decorate a cake, you are sure to have a good time just doing something new together! 

No. Three - Blanket. Fort. 

No, we aren't kidding.  Clear out the living room or bedroom and build the most awesome blanket fort your inner 10 year old child can dream up.  Make sure to add lights (we love twinkle lights) and cozy spots on the floor for lounging.  Put those kiddos to bed and cue the romance!

No. Four - Volunteer Together

Find your local food pantry, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society, Big Brother and Sister organization...the options are endless!  Help your community by giving back and spend quality time together in a new environment!

No. Five - YouTube Movie Night

Gather your supplies ahead of time and make it a night to remember by watching the best (and laughing at the worst) of YouTube!  Pick something you would love to do together, like learning to become a masseuse, or making the ultimate crepe and prepare for a night of fun!  Some of our favorite YouTube binges include: Self Defense Training, Culinary Skills or Learning a Foreign Language.  We promise it won't disappoint!

It's so important to make a point to take time out with the ones you love, and something we often take for granted in our hectic lives.  How do you spend your down time with the loves in your life?  We want to know!

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