Earth Day DIY | Pressed Flower Wind Chime

Earth Day DIY | Pressed Flower Wind Chime

We celebrated Earth Day collecting, inspecting and learning about local wildflowers.  My girls come home with pocketfuls every time we go on a walk, they find their way into braids and vases and we tuck them in between pages of books to admire later after they've dried.  This wind chime is one of our favorite pressed flower crafts, there are so many ways to make it your own!  You can tie on bells or seashells or fun trinkets you've found on your nature hike...whatever you choose to add to your wind chime we love how it serves as a sweet reminder of time spent outdoors with those you love.

For this particular wind chime we used scissors, a drill and small drill bit, a sharpie (for tracing our circles), some steel craft rings (you could also recycle mason jar rings), clear contact paper, pressed florals, some metal craft glue and string.

Start by finding your branch and drilling holes along the length of it for hanging your rings from.  Next we cut our contact paper into manageable sized squares, just bigger than the rings we were using. 

Peel the paper backing off your contact paper and arrange your florals face down on the first piece and then lay the second piece on top of the back, working from the center out to avoid air bubbles.  We found the flatter the flower the better the contact paper we together. 

Trace out your ring on your floral 'window pane' you have created and cut out the circle. 

Glue the window pane sandwiched between the two metal rings with your craft glue.  Allow to dry. 

Punch a hole in the top of your window pane and thread your string through the hole and tie onto your branch.    

Hang up your wind chime and enjoy your treasures all year long!  This DIY is definitely kid friendly, however we recommend assisting with the use of drill, scissors and craft glue!  We are excited to hear how you all spent your Earth Day!

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