20 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy Kids

20 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy Kids

Can you believe it? The holidays are right around the corner! We know how stressful gift shopping can be, so we made a list of all of our favorite gifts, products, services, guides and ideas for outdoorsy kids to put your mind at ease.


1. KiwiCo: KiwiCo is a crate focused on inspiring young minds to find a love for learning. With crates dedicated to all ages and directly delivered to your door once or a monthly subscription this amazing gift is number one on our list.

2. Natural Earth Paint The Kit: Inspire your child's inner Picasso with this Eco-friendly paint kit. It's 100% non-toxic and made with natural earth pigments, organic corn starch and gum Arabic (tree sap).

3. Green Toys Play Dough: Eco-friendly play dough made with natural ingredients.

4. WWF Adoption KitThe World Wildlife Fund offers dozens of endangered animal adoption kits, from lions to Komodo dragons to rockhopper penguins. (They even have Gift Adoption Cards so your recipient can choose their own!) This is a great way to support a child’s love for a specific animal, or get them interested in a new one.

5. National Geographic KidsOf course anything published by National Geographic is bound to be filled with stunning photography, and their kids’ title is no exception. Add in some fun games and other kid-appealing content and you’ve got a gift that will keep them exploring all year.

6. Fun Memberships: Gifts of memberships to zoos, science museums and children’s museums give kids a fun reason to leave the house. They are also very educational and inspire kids to explore topics in science and history. 

7. National Park Pass A national park pass would be amazing for the whole family and lasts all year long. Each pass costs $80/year and covers entrance fees and standard amenity fees at more than 2,000 national parks and national wildlife refuges. 

8. Plant a treeI love the idea of gifting a child a tree that they can plant and care for. This teach kids about nature cycles, seasons and responsibility.

9. Nature Inspired Clothing from Nature Supply Co: Nature inspired designs & 100% organic!! What more could you want! Let your child pick out their favorite shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt and surprise them with it on Christmas morning! 

10. Kids Gardening Tools Set: This awesome set comes with a Bug Catching Kit, Garden Gloves, Washable Apron, Sun Hat & Educational Toys for Real Planting.

11. Digital Educational Guides from Nature Supply Co
: You want to know the most amazing gift that any kid would love?! Spending time together, doing a project or learning. There are many guides to pick from and each one comes with a project. 

12. Butterfly Hatching Kit
: Pair this butterfly hatching kit with a guide to Raising Monarchs from Nature Supply Co!

13. Story Stones
 from Little Pine Learners: Story Stones are a prompt used to create and inspire stories! They provide endless possibilities for writing and storytelling and can be used in different ways.

14. Slingshots: These hand-carved wood animal slingshots make a great slingshot for kids! Don't forget to choose your own ammo, too (wooden or felt balls are great starters for kids)!

15. Wild Explorers Club Membership: The Wild Explorers Club is a monthly, online adventure program designed to ignite a heart for exploration and wonder in kids. The assignments are intended for kids ages 6-12, but younger children can participate with the help of their parents. The membership is $14/mo and includes weekly adventure assignments for each animal level, a monthly “Wild Explorers” print magazine in the mail, a free logo patch for signing up and a patch and certificate for each level completed. 

16. Tinkergarten Classes: This local experience will get your kids outside and loving every second. Each week your child will have the opportunity to spend time outside with other families, learning, playing and exploring. It’s not only a great gift for kids, but wonderful for parents as well. They ALSO have fun DIY kits inspire even more purposeful outdoor play! Each kit—from their STEM Kit to our beloved Friends and Feelings Kit—includes learning materials and activity ideas around a special theme.

17. Vivobarefoot Shoes:  Vivobarefoot kids shoes are high quality, environment friendly and made from some recycled materials, for example PET-bottles, foams and non-toxic rubber. Help the healthy development of young feet and give your kids the chance to always use their feet naturally - for happy feet, every day, everywhere.

18. Plant Growing Kits: Your child can explore the wonder of nature and science with the Grow 'N Glow Terrarium Kit. This indoor activity for kids allows them to craft, plant, water and grow their own mini ecosystem.

19. Grimm's wooden blocksWooden blocks are classic traditional toys that aid learning and never go out of style! Every child should have at least one good set of wooden blocks to build math skills, problem-solving and creativity.



20. Educational Tree Puzzle from Lil Bellies
There truly isn’t a better way to learn how to identify a variety of trees, their leafs and their seeds than with this beautifully handmade wooden puzzles. 



We hope this list has helped put your mind at ease and made your shopping experience a little life stressful. Share this list with your friends and/or family members for eco-friendly gift ideas for your outdoorsy kid!

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