Our Vision



Who We Are

Nature Supply Co offers eco-friendly apparel, goods and resources for nature lovers, homesteaders, simplicity seekers and everyone in-between. Join our community as we reconnect back to the land and redefine what it means to live with purpose - all while rebuilding the soil, our health and our ecosystem.

Our Core Values

1. To RECONNECT with our environment by living gently off of the land, being more present in our community and with our families and spending time in nature.
2. To REDEFINE what is important by living with intention while offering quality, eco-friendly, sustainable products and educational resources to help live your life with more purpose.
3. To REBUILD the soil, our health and ultimately our ecosystem through sustainable and regenerative methods by partnering with non-profit organizations who are focused on soil quality.

The Mission

At Nature Supply Co, we are on a mission to inspire and educate individuals to slow down while living in harmony with Mother Nature.

We Give Back

One percent of sales (not profits) go to support regenerative agriculture projects. By focusing on rebuilding the soil, we can heal the earth and restore human health. Official Member of 1% for the Planet.

For more info on our partnership with 1% for the Planet and the non-profits we donate to, see here.

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