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3 different sizes, multiple color options.

Full bib OR half garden aprons - for both kids & adults!

Pin to your backpack or bag.

Learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle through our educational resources.

Brand Ambassador FAQ and Rules


Thank you so much for being a Nature Supply Co Brand Ambassador! Below are some answers to a few of the frequently asked questions and rules about the Brand Ambassador Program. These rules are very important so we hope that you will read through them carefully.

  1. You must be 18 or older to be an ambassador.
  2. You have to accept your invite in Dovetale and verify your Instagram account to officially participate in our Brand Ambassador program. 
  3. Share your referral code on your own social media channels, blog, website or YouTube channel. You can also share your code with family and friends. 
  4. Please don’t comment with your referral code on any Nature Supply Co social media posts or channels (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  5. Don’t post your referral code to any posts from Nature Supply Co wholesale accounts or stores who carry our products. 
  6. DO NOT add your code to coupon or deal sites, it’s cheating! We check these sites frequently. If we find your  code added to one of these coupon sites, you will be notified immediately and this will be cause for REMOVAL from the Ambassador Program. This includes using your shopping link in ads from Google, Facebook, etc. 
  7. Do not share your one-time discount code of 35% off. That is for you to use on a personal purchase.You do not earn commission on it. 
  8. If you use your own referral code you will not earn commission. 
  9. Be kind and respectful to all other brand ambassadors. 

How do I get my discount codes?

You will receive 2 codes: your personal one-time discount code of 35% off + a 10% off referral code to share with your family, friends and followers. You will receive 10% commission with your referral code. Do not share your personal code with anyone. If someone else uses your personal code, you will immediately be terminated from the brand ambassador program. 

 I didn't get my code. How do I access it?

You can find your referral code in your  Dovetale  account. You can also set up a custom affiliate link in your account.  

When do we get paid our commission?

The first of the month we will pay your commission earnings directly to your PayPal account that you set up through the program.



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